Lynn Helton, Owner, Highly Favor

  • Detroiter Lynn Helton is the owner of Highly Favor Nail Salon located in Livonia, Michigan. Her vision is to provide a perfect day spa experience to her clients by offering services in an upscale, comfortable and pampering atmosphere. As the owner of Highly Favor Day Spa, Lynn has been in business for several years and is excited to transition into new territory through the grace of God. Her vision and slogan that drives her business is "We walk by faith and not by sight. Some of Lynn's many accomplishments include three nail competitions winning 1st and 2nd place along with making the cover of Nail World Magazine in 1996. While attending P&A Scholars, Lynn won first place in a 50’s themed competition. Lynn has been featured in television ads through multiple media venues including Comcast and Channel 20 Detroit and featured on the cover of New Clientele Magazine. Lynn is a volunteer with several faith-based organizations including Great Faith Ministries, Consuming Fires Ministries and Detroit World Outreach.  

Career Accomplishments

  • Winner of the 1996 "Nail World Magazine" cover

  • Winner of the Nail National Tour's Airbrush Competition

  • Creator of Crystal Nails

  • Featured on the cover of Prestige Magazine in 1999

  • Nominee for the 2000 Hair, Nail and Barber Award